Closing July 30 2016

ASAA Presidents’ Prize for Best Thesis in Asian Studies

I am writing to bring your attention to the annual prize for the outstanding thesis submitted to an Australian university on a topic wholly concerned with Asia or with Australia’s relations with Asia.

The first prize, known as the Asian Studies Association of Australia Presidents’ Prize, consists of a cash award of $2,000. The writer of the selected thesis will also receive a certificate and priority consideration for publication in one of the ASAA monograph series. Since 2004, the Prize has been augmented by the DK Award, presented by DK Agencies, the global book distributor, based in New Delhi. The winner receives his/her choice of books to the value of AUD $500 from the DK website (

A prize of $1,000.00 will be awarded to a second outstanding thesis


  • The thesis must have been conferred by an Australian university in 2015.
  • The thesis must deal wholly with a country or countries of Asia or with Australia’s relationship with Asia.
  • The thesis must be in humanities or social sciences disciplines, broadly defined.


  • Nominations must be made by TWO ASAA members
  • An ASAA member may make only one nomination

Nomination Requirements

The required documents must be sent electronically as one package to the President of the ASAA, The package must include:

  • the nomination form signed by two ASAA members.
  • a copy of the thesis in electronic form.
  • a letter setting out the merits of the thesis and the reasons for nominating it (maximum of 1000 words).
  • all examiners’ reports (with names of examiners deleted), unless an institution’s rule expressly forbids such use of examiners’ reports. In the latter case, a more elaborate statement of the thesis’ merits is acceptable.

Nominations close 30 July 2016


ASAA Presidents’ Prize for Best Thesis in Asian Studies

Nomination form


Institution awarding degree:

Date of award:

Title of thesis:

Names of Nominators:




The nomination form, together with a letter setting out the merits of the thesis, a copy of the thesis and examiners’ reports should be forwarded electronically to Louise Edwards, President of ASAA:

Nominations close 30 July 2016