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All Buddhists, scholars, and members of the general public with an interest in Buddhism are invited to attend the 7th International Conference Buddhism & Australia between 1-3 February 2018 in Perth, Western Australia. Researchers across a broad range of disciplines are welcome.

Participants are invited to develop their conference contributions on Buddhist history, philosophy and texts, incorporating the four key themes:

  • Rituals
  • Rituals and the Image of Buddha
  • Silk Road Buddhism
  • Death of the Buddha.

The organisers are open to proposals on any related theme and they welcome proposals for panel discussion, including pre-existing panels.

Proposals should be submitted to: info@buddhismandaustralia.com

Abstracts will be required by 25 October 2017 . The deadline for completed papers is 25 November 2017.

The conference organisers also extend an invitation to writers and thinkers across the world to propose an original essay in their own words that develops links with Buddha. Essays should be at least 800 words and not more than 2300 words. These are the suggested topics:

  • Buddha for every home
  • Buddha versus Jesus
  • Buddhism is in the way of economy
  • Buddhist monks – people with weak vitality and mentality?
  • Buddhist cosmology, contemporary astronomy and astrophysics are not brothers
  • Virtual reality as the modern-day Nirvana
  • Could Buddha turn on a computer?
  • Is virtual reality beyond our reality or not?
  • Who reads the teachings of the dead Buddha?

A selection of essays will be published on the conference website.

Early bird registration will be taken from 1 August 2017.

For more details, visit the International Conference Buddhism & Australia website.






5th June, 2017

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